A recommendation from a family member saw us involved from start to finish with this project. We were consulted about the options in altering the existing structure to create a wetroom and rehabilitation area for the customer to utilise.

From the initial design, submission of planning and building regulations, to the structural engineers specifications and organisation of the hoist system all work was undertaken leaving the customer to concentrate on the more pleasant things like colour choose and tile design.

The existing flat roof was removed and the existing floor level raised to match the rest of the house. New footings were excavated for the front and rear walls(as the existing had none) A new pitched roof with steel work was lifted into place. Followed by a new door way from the existing bedroom into the new room.

A spacious free standing bath and wetroom tray mean there are various options for the customer along with a large area for the Occupational therapists to help in the rehabilitation of the customer.

A returning customer this time required their shower room updating. Work included plastering the walls. Tiling the walls and second fixing the vanity unit, shower enclosure and mixer shower. Completed with a new vinyl floor.

This customer chose to use our services in strip back the front and rear roof’s including the old insulation. Followed by new breathable membrane, lath and reinstalling the tiles. Whilst this was completed the main loft was installed with a solid floor structure and a velux roof light, insulation and plastered walls resulting in a clean, warm and large storage space for the customer to utilise. The flat roof to the rear was stripped back and a new Firestone Rubberroid roof installed.

A recommendation saw this customer choose us to create an ensuite shower room within their existing bedroom. The work involved constructing stud walls, altering of the drainage, followed by plastering, tiling and the final decoration to create a wonderful addition to this already beautiful property. The new installation was signed off by building control and all necessary certification issued.

This listed wall at a church in Northwood Stoke-On-Trent was in need of repair. The structural engineers for the City Council provided us with the necessary specification including the type 2 mortar and the designs for the support pillars. Once the ground had been ‘CAT’ scanned we commenced with the excavations and pouring of the footings, along with the rebuilding of the existing wall.